Our Fees

We offer quality advice and service for a realistic fee; we do not claim to be the cheapest, but as a wise man once said, if you pay peanuts...

Our approach to fees is simple...


For recurring work such as accounts and tax compliance we work on fixed fees, which will be clearly explained when we are appointed. For ad-hoc and non-recurring assignments, we will generally agree a fixed fee in advance.

Ease of payment

We are very happy to accept payment by monthly direct debit. We also accept payment by debit and credit card.

Long-term view

We know that at times, you will need a little more help from us, for example, when you are starting out in business or in times of change. Therefore, although you can expect us to be there for you, you can also be confident that our fees will set with an eye on the future as opposed to a short-term gain.


From time-to-time, a client may run into difficulties and as their accountant, we are often best placed to help. We value loyalty and will always stand by our clients, even if, sometimes it means we might not be paid. Mackenzies are not just fair-weather friends!

Require more information?

If you would like more information or would like to ask us a question then call us on Maidstone 01622 358280 - Newport 01983 528139.